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Standard Rate: £29 per hour
Negotiable rates for long term contracts. Please call to discuss your requirements and to arrange a free consultation.


Having a successful marketing strategy for your business will drive customers through your doors. Once you have their interest, you can then work on selling your products and services. All too often businesses concentrate their efforts on the sales function alone. Increased sales opportunities will emerge from a successful marketing strategy, which may include advertising, promotional initiatives such as invitations and e-newsletters, press releases and social media.
Examples created by Eden Enterprises:

    e-Newsletter Furleigh Estate   e-Newsletter National Leisure   e-Newsletter Pineapple Business Park

    Website   Press Release   Publicity Flyer   pdf Newsletter   Invitation   Advert (1)   Advert (2)   Photobook

Social Media
A fundamental shift has taken place in how people find your business and, more importantly, how your customers communicate on the Internet. Social media culture and social networking platforms are having a major impact on business communication, practices and processes. Platforms includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs such as WordPress and Blogger, and the design and functionality of your Page should enhance your business presence. Examples managed by Eden Enterprises:

    Alexandra Hotel and Restaurant  Facebook  Twitter

    Miranda Berrow Ceramics  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Pinterest

    Scott Vevers Chartered Accountants Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn

Social Media Management Service
For £15 p/w your social media will be updated on a weekly basis with likeable, sharable, well formatted content to keep your viewers engaged, leaving you to concentrate on your work. The service includes:
• one telephone call per week of up to 10 minutes in duration to discuss what information you wish to highlight on your social media site(s).
• This information will be posted to your social media site(s) together with relevant links and/or images.
• The service is limited to one post of up to 400 characters (Twitter is limited to 140 characters) per week; the same post can be posted on up to four different social media sites.
Additional postings during the same week (Monday to Friday) are charged at a rate of £12 per posting.
Creating a Paid For post from a standard posting eg. a Facebook Boosted Post or a Promoted Tweet is charged at £12 per action (with the client paying for the advertising directly).
A more extensive service is also available which includes multiple postings and monitoring of and response to Replies, Comments, Retweets etc.. This is tailored to your budget and requirements.

Newsletters, Mailshots and Invitations
Target your customers using a tailor made email campaign, keeping them informed with relevant, stylish content. Cost effective and high impact, this can be a very successful form of direct marketing.

Surveys and Customer Feedback
Positive feedback can be used to enhance the credibility of your business – remembering to ask customers’ permission to use it first. If they have problems with your services, customers are the best source of objective advice on how to make improvements. Having a process in place where you regularly ask for feedback is beneficial to any business. Involving your customers will help them to feel connected to your business and they are more likely to recommend others to you.

Press Release
A press release is a short article written in a factual way, avoiding sales or advertising language. The purpose is to provide journalists, bloggers and consumers with an overview of something interesting and newsworthy about your product or business. This can include announcing product releases, new services, team members, new offices and expansions, events or charitable contributions. It is important that press release protocols are followed and that the article is well written and informative.

An email signature is a virtual business card which is automatically added at the end of your outgoing email. This signature generally depicts contact details for your business and lets people know who, where and what you are. It conveys a willingness to communicate. By providing your necessary contact details, the receiver feels less hesitant about contacting your company as they are immediately in possession of a contact name and the ability to research your company, especially if you have included links to your company website and social media.

Website Content
A website is the shop front for many businesses. First impressions may mean the difference between creating an interest that will lead to a sale and losing that customer for ever.

Virtual Assistant
Providing professional administrative, technical or creative assistance to clients from a home office

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